Aftermath Services LLC

PF Distribution Center

John Dunning

1500 E. Hamilton Ave
Suite 112
Campbell, CA 95008-
Phone Number (408) 323-2370
Fax (408) 429-8660
Email 5a68f4d4-20ff-4e16-b27b-9f771b6b08dd
Company Description
PF Distribution Center, Inc. (PFDC), formed in 2004, is the EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE MASTER DISTRIBUTOR for PowerFlare® Products. It is a privately held company headquartered in California, tasked by PowerFlare Corporation with the responsibility of not only selling PowerFlare products directly to Law enforcement agencies, firefighting agencies, and the military, but also establishing a worldwide dealer network that will enthusiastically promote and sell PowerFlare products into their respective markets. It is PFDC's goal to provide a responsive, high level of Customer Service and Product Support reflective of quality, top-of-the-line PowerFlare products.
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