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Corydon Customs

Sheldon Baker
20235 N Cave Creek Road
Phoenix, AZ 85024
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Phone Number (559) 287-7191
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Product Description

Corydon Customs is the only company providing individually personalized die-cast model motor vehicles and packaging

Corydon Customs can provide new and inventive ways to help law enforcement give back to their respective communities. “We are proud to offer several options for law enforcement agencies to help their fundraising efforts and currently work with several agencies focused on supporting a variety of well-deserving fundraising efforts,” says Cory Johnson, Corydon Customs owner. “For example, we’ve produced pink police cars for agencies that want to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Those vehicles are sold at police stations and events and have generated thousands of dollars that can be donated to a charity.”

Built on an idea of wanting to do something unique with cars, Johnson began this idea in 2010 after spending years in the printing and custom products industry and then working with car auctions in the Arizona desert. Johnson began researching ideas of die-cast cars and how to customize them. He then started researching methods to personalize each vehicle. After years of trial and error, Johnson discovered that with his contacts in the printing world he had the perfect resources to develop this concept.

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